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Ragtime on Ellis Island


"Stand back Washington. 'Evita' has never been more thrilling."

"A bloomin stunner... Unforgettable musical-theatre"

"Sammi Cannold’s gorgeously reinvigorated 'Evita'"

Peter Marks

Washington Post

Marks Review.png

"After making a splash with projects like “Ragtime” on Ellis Island in 2016, a 2021 documentary about South Korean theater in the early days of COVID, and this year, an “Evita” revival... Cannold leads a creative team that has made it a point to set a new Broadway bar for inclusivity and accessibility, both onstage and behind the scenes."

Gordon Cox


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"Sammi Cannold may be only 29, but already the theater director has shown her knack for interpreting the shows of Harold Prince.

"The New York-based wunderkind has already left her mark on the D.C. scene."

Thomas Floyd

Washington Post

"[Cannold] makes a confident Broadway debut, marshaling a superb cast including autistic actors playing the seven primary characters."

"A compassionate, coming-of-age musical...exuberant [and] sentimental"

Charles Isherwood

Wall Street Journal

WSJ Review

"Cannold’s take is informed by feminism — 'I think she’s a victim and a survivor who learned to use her sexuality as armor,' she said of Perón — but also by the regime’s authoritarianism... 'I’ve gone on a whole journey, and land in a different place.'"

Michael Paulson

New York Times

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